Premium Pomelo

Pomelo is one of the most in demand fruits in the country. However, because of this popularity, many of those who want to sell pomelos in their respective areas are always left without anything to sell. Added to the hassle is the fact that most of the supply of pomelo comes from Mindanao (Davao) whereas those who want to sell them are located in other areas.

Premium Pomelo, is an online distributor who can solve your problems. With just a few clicks, you can place an order and after a few days pick up your delivery.


As a wholesale distributor, we ensure that the pomelos we ship to you are of top quality. Avoid hassle of going to farms, lining up for long queues and ending up empty handed. Let us do the work for you.

Selling pomelos in high-end areas?

No problem. We are also selling boxed pomelos available in 5 kilos and 10 kilos (see pictures below).

We will also take care of transporting your order from the farm to a pier/airport in your area!

Not sure how to order? Here are 5 easy steps on how to order.


What are you waiting for? Order now! Click here to proceed to the Order Request Form.


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